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What Golf Shoes Does Mark Crossfield Wear

What Golf Shoes Does Mark Crossfield Wear

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What Golf Shoes Does Mark Crossfield Wear, AskGolfGuru makes another ground breaking golf video talking about golf shoes and what golf shoes you are seeing on his youtube channel. So what golf shoe is best Footjoy or Adidas watch and learn.

You can get the links for Cheap Golf Shoes on our blog at http://golferonfire.com/cheap-golf-shoes-top-10-cheap-golf-shoes/.

When I hear the words “cheap golf shoes” it conjures up pictures of soles falling off, spikes missing and golfers in the locker room rubbing their aching feet.

I’m not a big fan of the word “cheap.”

I know inexpensive or less expensive are kind of semantics, but they let me know that someone is still somewhat concerned with quality but are not looking to pay top dollar.

I hope that makes sense.

Inexpensive just says, “I’d like to get something decent, but I’m on a budget here.”

In our list of Cheap Golf Shoes, I have not tested most of these so I am not endorsing the quality of any of them.

Please do your research!

In this video I give you a list of cheap golf shoes that I found through a quick search of the internet.

Here are the Top 10 Cheap Golf Shoes that I found for men and you can get all the links to buy them on my blog at http://golferonfire.com/cheap-golf-shoes-top-10-cheap-golf-shoes/ :

1. Orlimar Trophy
2. Puma FAAS Lite Mesh
3. Orlimar Classic
4. Callaway Chev Comfort
5. Footjoy StreetJoy
6. Adidas Traxion
7. Callaway C-Tech
8. Footjoy M Project
9. Callaway Master Staff Spikeless
10. Adidas Adizero

Top 5 Cheap Golf Shoes for Women

1. Callaway Solaire
2. Footjoy Greenjoy
3. Dawg Crossover
4. Nike Lunar Summer Lite
5. Footjoy Summer Series

Some of these are really cheap golf shoes and the others are somewhat cheap golf shoes, but you should be able to find something in there that will work for you.

Once you pick up the right cheap golf shoes for you please let us know if they were good, bad or ugly!

For a replay of our Cheap Golf Shoes video you can go here: http://youtu.be/R74pp6TaRVc
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