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UGCA Golf Apparel Review

UGCA Golf Apparel Review

UGCA ‘Underground” is the brainchild of Matt Wickam, who wanted to bring his Underground lifestyle together with his passion for golf. In 2010 during a golf trip to England, the concept of the company took over his mind while riding the iconic Underground subway. He had long ago earned the nickname “Underground” from his buddies. It was all there in front of him. Upon returning home he set the wheels in motion and in 2011 Underground introduced their first products to market in Southern California, hence the name UGCA. Brad Cochran joined the UGCA team in 2012 bringing a wealth of knowledge in the golf industry. Brad had played professionally for 5 years and was looking for something different. In 2013 we opened operations in Canada with the help of Ryan Leal. Ryan has always had a great passion for golf and fashion, the decision to join the team was easy. Last but not least we needed someone to be the voice of reason. Ron Richard has been a long time friend of Matt Wickam bringing so much to the table in terms of business management and international relationships.

Finally, the group was complete. Underground is a collaboration of minds, bringing something different to the golf industry. Matt and the growing team have been living the lifestyle, playing the game, and working hard to ensure our customers have an unreal look on or off the course. We hope to see you out there.

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