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Spin Your Wedges by Michael Breed

Spin Your Wedges by Michael Breed

In our first installment of our Short Game Improvement Series, Michael Breed shows you how you can put more spin on the ball with your wedges. This is a crucial shot as the players navigate their way at The Player’s this week at TPC Sawgrass and especially hole number seventeen.
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Compare Hybrid Golf Wedges with Standard Golf Wedges

In this short video we compare new Hybrid Golf Wedges, called HWEDGES, with a traditional wedge. What makes the hybrid wedge unique and allows it to help average golfers versus more standard gap, sand or log wedges. The main differences include the face design, the face forward setup and the hybrid body that promotes higher shots with spin.

A traditional wedge will dig with the leading edge, where a hybrid wedge will bottom out and provide more bounce. This allows average golfers to hit them easier while aiming at the target in sand and deep grass. It is also more difficult to remain consistent for the average golfer with a standard wedge as you must change the loft and lie to create bounce. With the HWedge, hybrid wedges allow you to just aim at your target and still gain bounce needed to hit great bunker shots as the club will not dig into sand.

Find out more by visiting www.hwedge.com

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