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Shoot Lower Scores With This Tip!

Shoot Lower Scores With This Tip!

Shoot Lower Scores With This Tip!

1 hole “Golf Course Vlog” at Woods Valley on #15. Golf TIp

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Golfers: to get better in your golf game…you’ve got 2 choices.

You either:
1) Study long golf instruction programs and hit thousands of balls on the range


2) You learn only what YOU really need to and then go out onto the course and implement it.

I was looking at just ONE golf program the other day that has over 300 LONG golf instructional videos. Hah! Who in the world has the time to wade through all that and then try to figure out what will work for your game in reality out there on the course. Did you know that much of the typical golf instruction out there is meant for pro golfers and not for you?

If you feel what you need is a lot of videos and generic information, head over to Google or Youtube. You’ll find endless opinions and long tutorials that will keep you busy for years of studying…often from questionable sources.

Put your main email in the box and I’ll send you my 6-part video series for the shortcut secrets to a great golf swing, accuracy with your irons, up and down chipping, how to eliminate putting mistakes, distance control, and longer drives.

I’ll also give you the 190 page digitized book “How to solve your golf problems” as my gift for entering your email right now. Listen, if you want a bunch of random long-winded info, it’s all free, go find it. When you’re ready for the hard-hitting SHORT, efficiency and core items…the 20% trainings that make an 80% improvement in your game, register here with your email.
I’m Craig Sigl author of the book: “Break 80! 52 ways to lower your golf score without practice”
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