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How To Lower Your Scores With One Simple Strategy

How To Lower Your Scores With One Simple Strategy

It’s March.

Madness is in the air.

Along with March Madness come bubbles… who’s on the outside of the bubble, and who’s lucky enough to get inside.

As far as bubbles go, everyday is like March Madness when you’re out playing golf. You’re either on the inside of the bubble, or you’re on the outside looking in.

The bubbles I’m referring to are your shot bubbles. We all have them, and they follow us on every shot. It’s up to us whether or not we use them to our advantage.

Knowing, then using the information from your shot bubbles will without question lower your scores. Over the course of a round, a week, a month, and a season you will take strokes off your card when you learn to move your shot bubbles around to work in your favor.

Think of it as Money Ball for your score card.
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