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How To Lower Your Handicap and Lower Your Scores

How To Lower Your Handicap and Lower Your Scores

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Learning how to lower your handicap is really a question of asking what areas of your game need to improve to shoot better scores. Which of all the metrics that we golfers keep track of correlates best to lowering your handicap. Is it hitting longer drives? Is it hitting more fairways? Is it getting up and down more often? Just what should you concentrate on to lower your handicap.

Playing this crazy game for over 40 years has given me a pretty solid perspective of this game, and after doing a good bit of research, I have found that there are two specifics areas of concentration will yield the most significant benefits when trying to learn how to lower your handicap. What are those areas?

They are hitting more greens in regulation and reducing the number of total putts per round. It is a fact that the number of GIR’s per round is a terrific indicator of ones handicap level and score. The average bogey golfer will hit about 2 maybe three greens in reg. per round, and have a handicap around 18 and will typically shoot right around 90; while a person hitting 5-6 GIR’s per round will typically score 84 will have a handicap level of around 14.

How To Hit More Greens In Regulation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYYmJ2VDfTc

Lower Your Handicap…

The second metric that most directly reflects ones score and thus handicap level is total putts per round. The above bogey golfer will average two putts per hole (or 36 per round), while the person shooting around 84 will take typically three fewer putts on the average. It may not sound like a big difference, and it isn’t, but it IS a the other metric to concentrate on when figuring out how to lower your handicap and improve your score..

Lower your handicap

So as I talk about in the video, work on having more GIR’s and, as have I found, the best way to improve your putting numbers is to become a better lag putter. If you focus on those two things you can stop searching for how to lower your handicap.

video URL: http://youtu.be/8NrE4eNV-DA

July 2009: Lower Your Scores With Better Putting

To lower your score, learn the finer points of putting from top instructor, Mel Sole.
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