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Golf for Beginners : Golf Tips for Women

Golf for Beginners : Golf Tips for Women

Women golfers, who lack in distance, make up for it through technique and solid fundamentals. Learn a few golf tips for women from a professional golf instructor in this free golfing video.

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How To Swing A Driver For Beginners - Golf Lessons San Diego

Tired of chunking the ball? Watching it slice into the next fairway? Take a look at these videos:

How To Make Solid Contact – http://youtu.be/bqVn-IZviaQ

How To Stop Slicing – http://youtu.be/j7JD2oS0VUc

If you are just learning the game of golf and want to hit your most expensive club…the driver. Check this out:

1) First step to take is take a wider stance. Since the driver is a longer club, it’s going to create more centripical force and possibly throw you off balance. You want to have a wider base to have better balance throughout the golf swing.

2) To really generate more club head speed, you want to create as wide an arc around the golf ball as possible. You can do this by feeling like you’re swinging the golf club outside the ball on the way back. In reality, you’re really just taking the club straight back.

3) One area where beginners get in trouble and slice is taking too long of a back swing. You can eliminate this by stopping the golf swing when you feel the back elbow connect with your right side. Trust me, this is plenty of back swing.

4) Final step is to just shift your weight forward by bumping your hips at the target. This will force the arms to drop and swing through the golf ball.

For more free golf lessons, check out http:–columbiagolfschools.com
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